The original Classic LED Rally Clock. Proven in all types of competition, Modern and Historic road and stage rallying.

15mm High Brightness red LED Digits, permanently displays hours, minutes & seconds.

Hundreds of the Classic clock now used by serious competitors worldwide to gain advantage over traditional clocks or stopwatches.

Case dimensions 12cm x 5.5cm x 3cm
Low Power consumption - less than 1 watt
Lightweight at only 150g
Successful design philosophy for all of these clocks is just to keep it simple! Designed specifically for motorsport.

12 volt LED 6 digit clock developed specifically for motorsport use. Switchable from 12hr to 24hr via switch on front panel.

Just a 6 digit LED digital clock displaying hours (12 or 24hr), minutes and seconds, with a stopwatch. On event time setting is simple, via the hour/minute up/down buttons on the front of the clock. Literally takes a matter of seconds to set to the event time. Easy!

These clocks also enhance the aesthetics of the interior nicely complementing existing navigation equipment, tripmeters etc.

Both clocks have a power on/off function on the front panel, to allow display to be switched on and off without disconnecting the 12 volt supply. The Classic utilises a traditional on/off switch, and the Miniature uses buttons.

Both clocks have an internal backup battery, so when 12v supply for the display is switched off or disconnected, the time setting remains. This is Ideal for motorsport cars with FIA cut off switches. As soon as clock is switched back on or when the 12v power feed is restored the clock display resumes. The Internal coin cell battery can be easily replaced in future if required - but from experience, just like a wristwatch, has proven to last several years before replacement is needed.

Both clocks Include a basic stopwatch. Simple one button operation, start, stop reset. Display is in hours, minutes & seconds - ideal for historic jogularity events. Easy to switch between stopwatch and clock function. Using the stop watch function dos not effect the clock time which can be easily displayed.

Easy connection - just 2 wires to 12v, one red, one black and are from the back of the unit, so a neat in car installation is possible. Reverse polarity protected, just in case wires are reversed, no damage caused.

Classic Red 15mm Digits
Miniature Red or Green 8mm Digits
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The very latest miniature design. The exact same functionality as the Classic, just in a smaller package. Available in either Red or Green LED Displays.

This compact clock is ideally suited to smaller cockpits or as a drivers side clock/stopwatch display. Also excellent as a track day timer, and small enough for single seater use. The Green display provides less glare at night if mounted close to the driver. The same as the Classic, it's just a 6 digit LED digital clock displaying hours (12 or 24hr), minutes and seconds, with a stopwatch.

Miniature Case dimensions 7cm x 4.5cm x 2cm
Tiny Power consumption - less than 0.5 watt
Ultra Lightweight at less than 100g
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Developed by Matt Pearce, ex Ford Focus WRC Co-Driver, and British Historic Rally Championship Competitor - Matt has competed at all levels of motorsport for 25 years and over 200 rallies including Welsh Road Rallying, Historic Road Events, Historic and Modern Stage Events and still regularly competes at top level.

The incredibly simple clock operation was also derived from well known co-driver Dood Pearce's input gained from experience of over 500 rallies.
Driver - Matt Pearce, 1965 Mini Cooper 'S'
5th Overall British Historic Rally Championship 2005
Co-Driver - Matt Pearce, Ford Focus WRC
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